TONY BON-À-TOUT All-purpose Cleaner

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TONY BON-À-TOUT All-purpose Cleaner

Concentrated all-purpose cleaner-degreaser that works on the toughest dirt. Nothing can stand up to its concentrated formula. Ideal for industrial, commercial and residential maintenance. Easily removes grease and dirt. Can be used in concentrated form on large stains or diluted in up to 8 parts water for one part of Tony BON A TOUT for smaller jobs. Good for cleaning concrete, plastic, vinyl, rubber and other materials.

Leaves a pleasant lemon scent. Phosphate-free and biodegradable as per OECD or equivalent testing.

TBT-32 800 ml
TBT-40 4 L
TBT-20 20 L
TBT-205 205 L
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